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ecosearch is a corporate sustainability registry with the goal of communicating corporate sustainability in a more transparent way. Amidst the floods of information in today's digital world, ecosearch provides a concise and informative overview of corporate sustainability.

In times of advancing climate change, it is important not only to rely on politics, but to make a contribution against global warming ourselves. By creating transparency, more conscious and better business and purchasing decisions can be made, which can lead to a smaller ecological footprint.

ecosearch is aimed at both companies and consumers and can contribute to more sustainable decisions when buying products, choosing a new supplier, making investments and choosing a new employer, as well as being used for research purposes.

The extensive data and the various data formats on corporate sustainability cannot be combined in one evaluation scheme. This would not do justice to the complexity of the topic.

On the one hand, from freely available data on the Internet, which we curate in the company profile, and on the other hand, the companies themselves can edit their profiles and thus further expand them.

To do this, we proceed in three steps:

1st step: We verify who logs in and wants to edit a company profile.

2nd step: Most indicators (e.g. certificates) are already verified by external bodies. If not, the last step follows.

3rd step: We train an algorithm to detect greenwashing to prevent misrepresentation.

The company profiles can be edited by verified profiles at any time. The aggregated info is in turn constantly updated and published by ecosearch.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) or UN Sustainable Development Goals were launched by the member states of the United Nations to create globally sustainable structures. These are 17 goals to be implemented by 2030 and were set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The SDG's encompass the three dimensions of sustainability: social, economic and environmental and are particularly focused on disadvantaged and discriminated populations. We incorporate the SDG's into the company profiles to make the strategic focus of the companies visible.

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